The Solution

TrashZero is proud to introduce a revolutionary, patented process that transforms (MSW) or trash into recyclable, reusable materials that are used to create some of the most revolutionary products. The Company has been perfecting its patented technology processes since 2000. Recently we served as the trash remediator, collecting all the trash at Super Bowl XLIX 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. As its name implies, TrashZero leaves nothing behind—the trash will be recycled and processed into refuse in a 100% sustainable way, with 100% renewable energy in our larger plants and be the first closed loop system that leaves Zero Trash, Zero Loss, Zero Emissions, & Zero environmental impact.



Municipalities will still collect and send waste to a transfer station; however, these materials will go to TrashZero’s LEED-certified, SWEEP-compliant, and 100% renewable energy run facility, where it will be run through the Company’s patented machines. Once sorted by the machines, the materials are either turned into Refuse-Derived Fuel or one of TrashZero’s repurposed products. The diagram to the left represents how TrashZero will disrupt and transform the process.This entire process occurs in one location, providing the greatest environmental benefit, while creating new jobs for local communities.


  • 30% Lower than Current Landfill Cost
  • Zero Emissions are created resulting in a truly sustainable solution
  • Zero Trash Left behind in our proccess
  • Facilities are 100% Renewable
  • Not affected by recycled commodities market

Steps of the Proccess

1.Trash is broken down into small pieces by our technology.

2. Trash goes through the patented high-heat drying process

3. It is sent through the granulizer, where it is sanitized, dried, and disinfected all at the same time.

4. Processed material is then ready to be mixed to create re-crete or made into other TrashZero products..


  • 100% MSW is used
  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Environmental Impact



Because we manufacture our own products instead of selling them on the capitulating secondary commodities market; Trash Zero represents the end of trash and the beginning of an era when trash is turned into resources and opportunities. This will create new jobs, improve communities, and provide beneficial economic development for millions around the globe.


  • Scalable across the country to meed demands
  • Self Sufficient Closed Loop System
  • Does not rely on Commodity markets

Trash Zero Products

Trash Zero desires to create the worlds best products made from trash. MSW can be repurposed and used in various product applications with our technology and our values. This is the future of trash and MSW. Up to this point in history we have not figured out a way to re-use our waste or trash which has caused massive waste and creates a system where no value is placed on what we have created and used in the past. Up until now that is. Now we are able with our technology and patent pending products such as Re-crete, and our Insulation made from 100% carpet.
Their are several additional applications from our patented technology that we will reveal in the future at a later date.


Refuse Products

  • Connector.

    Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

    Refused Derived Fuel or RDF is the base for most of our products as it is created by utilizing our patented proccess to create. RDF is used in many Waste to Energy plants and is created by Municipal Solid Waste in the Trash Zero proccess.

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    Re-Crete is a new fillable concrete slurry with amazing properties shown below. This can be utilized in hundreds of applications. Any place that concrete has been used, Re-Crete can replace it and make the product substantially better, at a fraction of the cost. This will completely change the world. The only limit is your imagination. Imagine a world where new buildings were created with our old trash that was no longer being used. Thats the world we believe in. The Concrete and building materials market is valued at over 26 billion dollars annually.

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    Re-Insul is our Insulation product that has an R- Value that is off the charts for a fraction of the price of normal insulation is made from repurposed carpet. Carpet trash is a national problem with no clear way out. Re-Insul will be able to recover 100% of carpet trash and turn it into a product that will play in a 9 billion dollar annual market.

Because our products or so widely used their are tremendous uses for them across the marketplace such as:


Trash Zero’s products have amazing properties..

Properties of Trash Zero Products

The properties of our products and our flagship Re-Crete are highly advanced.

Non Flammable

Most concrete is flammable and can take to fire. Over time all concrete will burn or degrade in heat.

  • Little to no heat transfer
  • Does not burn when fire and direct heat are applied
  • Absorbs the energy

World Changing Efficiency

R- Value is measured in length of material. Our material challenges the status quo because of our thermal conductivity Test. Our Thermal Conducivity Test shows that this material is so efficient that a 3/8 inch piece can withstand over several hundred degrees of heat with a .25 degree change.

  • Great for Cold Climates
  • Amazing for Hot Climates
  • More Energy Efficient than Concrete

Super Dense Material

The properties of the Trash Zero products such as our ; Re-Crete are different than any other product on the market.

  • No ricocheting
  • 1/3rd the Weight of Concrete
  • Doesnt Crack