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Trash Zero Inc. is the worlds first company that takes the worlds trash and recovers up to 100% by turning it into the worlds best products.

We do this by enabling municipalities and nations to utilize our technology with a single facility to divert its MSW from landfill and incineration to a controlled closed system that will save money, the environment & provide true impact on the communities it serves.

Achieving a Trash Zero world is now a real possibility with our technology and solutions.

Our Core Values

Truly Sustainable

Doing what is right


Be the change you want to see

There’s absolutely no limit to what good, ordinary, working people can accomplish if they’re given the opportunity and encouragement to do their best.
Sam Walton

The Team

Justyn Franko


“Looking to improve humanities condition.”


Leigh Gill


Mike Hostetter

Lead Operator

Bill Indicavitch

Pre Cast Specialist

Danny Carter

VP of Business Development

Tim Updike

Maintenance and R&D